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ngineering Calculator VOLTA-814 for Win 7/8/10 performs arithmetic, scientific and engineering functions, partially listed below:

  • Standard Aritmetic Operations
  • Scientific Functions
  • Electrical Engineering Functions
  • Standard E-Series table operations
  • Best Fit RLC (single, parallel, series, ratio)

The application can run on any Desktop, Notebook and Tablet PC equipped with Microsoft Windows 7or 8 via standard keyboard/mouse or in touch-screen mode (on a touch-screen enabled hardware platforms).

Free Trial Edition: fully-operational Trial Edition of this application software providing 90-days trial period is available for download online. Click on the link below to download  FREE Trial Edition:

DOWNLOAD Calculator Volta-814T FREE Trial Edition

Note: This downloadable software is non-refundable, thus we encourage our cutomers to download, install and evaluate a free Trial edition prior to purchase of this full retail software package.

Download and Setup Instruction

Setup package is encapsulated in a single compressed file (size about 1.9 MB) containing:

  1. Setup.Exe
  2. Volta814.msi

The first and second files are necessary for Windows installer: third one is just a text file with Product Key for this software.

Download instruction

Upon purchase completion you will receive an email with link to download page. Download and save the file to you PC: it typically takes less than 10 sec via high-speed Internet connection (recommended web browsers: Firefox v.31+, Chrome v.36+, IE v.10+). The typical download Dialog Box in Firefox looks like the shown in the demo sample below (by default, the file goes to User's personal 'Downloads' folder).

Note: You can bookmark the download page, which will serve as a "virtual" remote backup package, accessible online anytime (for example, it can be handy should you need to install the software on a different computer).

Setup instruction

Unzip the compressed downloaded file using 'extract all' option into any PC directory, locate Setup.exe file and run the software installation procedure as usual, following the Windows installer on-screen instructions. Upon completion, the application icon like shown below will appear on the desktop and in Program Menu.


User Manual

User Manual is included in application software and also available online (link follows):

Volta-814 User Manual


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Engineering Calculator VOLTA-814

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